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Mental Fatigue Management System

Performetric is a real-time mental fatigue monitoring system that measures and effectively manages mental fatigue through analysis
of user computer interactions

Performetric operates in the background and is non-invasive and non-intrusive

Improve the performance of your team today

With Performetric

Performetric improve the wellness and productivity

Employees are engaged, refreshed and more efficient on a daily basis

Organizations reap the productivity benefits of an improved workplace culture

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Why is fatigue management so important?

Mental fatigue is inevitable. However, it is very difficult to recognize and reliably determine and manage our own level of fatigue. Fatigue is a major, but often neglected, factor that increases the occurrence of performance errors and lapses. Many studies have demonstrated that mental fatigue leads to loss of efficiency, decreased productivity in the workplace, deterioration in cognitive fucntions and induces critical errors in the worst cases. Responses become slower, more variable, and more error prone after mental fatigue. ([1] Ricci et al., 2007; [2] Scheffers et al., 1999; [3] Dorrian et al., 2000; [4] Smith et al., 2002;)


Real-Time Mental Fatigue Management

More about Performetric

Desktop Application & Web Dashboard

Allows users to analyze their individual metrics and provides recommendations based on user’s profile; provides collective and aggregated data analyses for the company.


Measures and detects fatigue and related problems (burnout, stress, etc...) in real-time and in a non-invasive way.

Non-invasive & Non-intrusive

Runs in background and doesn't require data entry or frequent inputs from the user.


What can Performetric do?

Measure employees mental fatigue in real-time with our application and provide analysis and reports to improve the wellness and productivity of the company.

Reduce Mental Fatigue, Reduce Errors & Improve Performance

With its machine learning algorithm, Performetric is able to recommend breaks when needed; consequently reducing mental fatigue of the user by up to 50%. Reducing mental fatigue results in a decrease in the number of errors and reaction time.

Improve Productivity

With Performetric, tasks can be performed at the most effective time resulting in increased productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

Increase Employee Engagement & Prevent Burn-Out

Performetric’s timely recommendations boost mental energy resulting in overall increase in cognitive alertness, concentration and engagement.

Show them you care

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business” - Richard Branson

Happy & Engaged Employees are the heart of a great workplace culture and successful organization. With Performetric, show your employees you care and make them feel appreciated by investing in their mental health and wellbeing.


Free 30 Day Trial

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and explore Performetric at its full potential. You’ll have access to all the features and will be able to effectively reduce the mental fatigue of your workforce.

Still curious about Performetric?

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