In a call-center company the great challenge of supervisors is to keep their employees motivated, satisfied and fulfilled in their functions. One of the tasks that requires a great deal of attention from the supervisors, since the work in the call center is characterized as difficult and can be boring and repetitive, and making the agents develop their best potential becomes a great dilemma to face by managers.

Due to the functions performed in this type of position and the lack of recognition that is associated with it, it is not seen as a “real” job by the majority of the population. These two examples lead to great demotivation and lot of employees leaving, which means short worker retention.

The question that comes up is: which strategies can be used to keep the employee motivated and with a high productivity index?

Many call-center companies respond to this by using gamification by adopting this tool to manage performance.

By introducing gamification techniques into the call center, managers gain a living document on agent performance. This can be used to help reward high performers as well as recognize low performers who may need more training. It allows managers to be able to leverage data in a less bias way and do more accurate performance reviews.

Understanding how playing games affects the way that humans think and behave can be an effective technique to promote soft competition among employees, as well as motivate staff to hit targets.

The implementation of this strategy is based on two fundamental points: the challenge and the reward, similarly to a game.

As part of any game, challenges are essencial to ensure a certain motivation and appreciation for small conquers. These challenges can consist of any useful goals or KPI's that the company has inline to achieve, for example increasing sales or customer satisfaction, number of calls answered, decrease waiting times...

The achievement of the goals allows to increase a certain number of points. After reaching a certain value will result in a reward.

The reward part consists of a bonus system that aims to increase the interest of employees in order to encourage them to fulfill the target metrics and to complete the suggested challenge.

Call-Center and Gamification

Rewards can be awarded through material prizes (shopping vouchers, electronic products) or through bonuses, such as obtaining the employee's title for the month.

Being able to implement those two fundamental points can help to achieve a best performance.
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