"If you can't manage it, you can't improve it" (Peter Drucker on business management). This is the key principle that must be applied to fatigue management and should be a responsibility of any human resources department.

And this was the challenge that Central Arquitectos took on (The Central Arquitectos is an architecture firm Headquartered in the city of Braga, Portugal, with projects around the world).

By utilizing Performetric to measure the average level of mental fatigue in their offices, they gained important insights and knowledge about the working rhythms of their workforce. With a 30% reduction in mental fatigue, Central Arquitectos was able to improve the environment, efficiency and performance of their employees.

Figure 1 - General fatigue levels with and without the Performetric alert system.

“For Central Arquitectos it was a privilege to have been chosen to test this innovative system that analyzes such a sensitive area of organizations: mental fatigue. Our concern for the well-being of our employees led us to accept the challenge of implementing the Performetric system in our organization. It is a tool that has allowed us, over several months, to know the levels of mental fatigue of our people in real time." - Maria João Gonzales, Head of Human Resources at Central Arquitectos