Summer is usually associated with holidays, beach, pool, mountains, relaxation and the inevitable heat.

In most urban settings, for those that haven’t yet gone on holidays or have returned, the temperature changes can be a real challenge since you change settings quite often with over 10º changes. As you go about your day on a hot summer day and you enter and exit stores, offices, environment temperature changes abruptly and stress your body.

On the other hand, family holidays can add with some added stresses such as managing family relations and if so happens young children. This can get one to linger for the work routine and away from tantrums and over energetic children.

Focusing on the summer itself, Dr. Takao Matsumoto, deputy director of Tokyo Rinkai Hospital in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo states that as bodies are exposed to heat, they sweat to compensate. If the exposition is too prolonged, the body can be unable to make the necessary adjustments leading to symptoms associated with heatstroke such as cramps, and dehydration. According to Dr. Matsumoto, some people start to have problems at 25º and notes that sudden temperature changes over 5º can be harmful to the body’s regulation system.
Summer fatigue symptoms can present themselves as exhaustion, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, dehydration, headache and body pains.

Some unexpected things that can also contribute to your summer fatigue are swimming pools. Ok, not the swimming pool itself but the chlorine that is absorbed through the skin while you swim (just use a cream on your skin to block absorption); Air conditioning. If on the on hand it lowers the temperature on the other it releases certain chemicals in the air that do their share in contributing to your summer fatigue (get some indoor plants to purify the air);

On another closely related subject do take care while practicing sports. Summer is usually a synonym of beach sports. Something that for some only happens once a year and this can be brutal on your body and cause high levels of fatigue, especially the day after. So if you go for surf lessons or rent a water-ski don’t overdo it. The same goes for beach volley or racquetball it is fun but under the sun it exerts extra effort from your body to cool off, fight the sun burn and the sport itself can leave you exhausted if you are not used to it.

Enjoy the summer and monitor your hydration and exertion levels so it can be a pleasant experience.