Freelancer Fatigue is a reality that goes against the usual comment that freelancers don’t do anything.
When you talk to one you might get envious of them being able to do other things in the middle of the day such as going to the gym, attend a child’s event or even shopping.

What you don’t usually know is that while you are commuting most freelancers are getting the job done, while you are enjoying your weekend or the holidays they are doing their jobs running after sometimes crazy deadlines. That is why freelancer fatigue is not only a reality but also a hazard that freelancers need to avoid before it leads to burnout.

As a freelancer, you are more exposed to a high risk of a lack of work-life balance that can contribute to a permanent state of freelancer fatigue or even exhaustion. This state can be enhanced by fear. Fear of losing costumers or contracts.

Some freelancer fatigue symptoms are: the inability to concentrate, mental fatigue or mental fog, forgetfulness, a defeated attitude, a feeling of helplessness that leads to procrastinating work, lashing out on others and more often than intended turning to food, alcohol or even drugs.

To avoid falling into these pitfalls there are tools that can help you early on to detect symptoms and shift your focus from freelancer fatigue to freelancer performance.

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