It is not a medical condition. It is closer to a combined list of symptoms, such as fatigue, distraction, and moodiness.
It is a form of mental fatigue also named: Mental Fog, clouding of consciousness and cognitive dysfunction.

It also reveals itself as something many people feel at the end of a day’s work total lack of mental energy. A mental fatigue só strong that some people find It hard to have a simple conversation with a stranger or acquaintance and sometimes even harder to decide what to have for a meal. It is like a veil that prevents you from thinking straight, causing memory deficiency, lack of motivation, lack of mental clarity, confusion, mental and physical fatigue and a strong inability to focus.

Causes are mostly related to lifestyle, making these symptoms ever more present in the hectic rhythm we live in, lack of sleep, high levels of stress, poor nutrition and low nutrient food and last but not least sugar overload.

These factors combine strongly contribute to mental fatigue as well as the increase in blood pressure, weaker immune system, exhaustion and be mentally inhibiting.

Monday at work

So, to fight it and reduce brain fog and mental fatigue focus would have to be on better rest, not only more sleep hours but better quality sleep cycles; better diet including correct quantity ad nutrients and less sugar. By addressing these issues the immune system will slowly recover and reduce all fatigue symptoms.