Having to work during the holidays?
A few Ideas on how to have fun.

If you are stuck with the Holiday shift there’s no reason not to have some fun. We give you some ideas you can play while you still do your job and helps you get your spirits up.

"Token of Power"

Simple, effective and fun. First hide a timer, Phone, kitchen timer, something that can measure time an call an alarm. Hide the timer and let it surprise whomever has the token when it rings.
To start the game give the token to the last person to achieve a sale or reach a determinate KPI. When this person finishes the call and makes a sale or reaches the KPI they have to pass it on to the next one. The person who has the TOKEN at the moment of the alarm gets a prize.

Lonely Island

A more competitive game that can create more team interactions and investment in interpersonal relations for a single (has to be very good) reward is the lonely Island.
In this very dynamic game, every time a team member gets a lead they can erase someone’s name off the board. If they get a lead and someone has already erased their name, they can put their name back up. It is really fun to watch the everyone teaming up against each other.

“We start the game on Monday and if nobody wins we up the prize and continue it on to the next day. It has lasted as much as 5 days before.”

This game enhances interpersonal relations to avoid being erased and get the nice reward by the end of shift. You must take care so it doesn’t turns into a popularity competition.

Postcode Bingo

Create simple cards with a random list of post and distribute them across your team. As calls come in, each team member will scratch the post conde of the caller. Then you can setup the reward system that better fits your prizes, rewarding Line and “BINGO”!!
Simple, effective and a lot of fun. Just remember you can reward people with chocolate.

KPI Lottery

You can have multiple lottery moments throughout the shift. To enter the lottery, you just have to achieve your objectives. Each objective or objective group can lead to a Lottery ticket submission. You can schedule the reward moment by shift end and the rewards can be very creative, Game tickets, Museum entrances, theater tickets, time off, chocolates or some kind of privilege that can be flaunted in the office like bring your dog to work.

Wheel of WOW (variant)

A variant of the KPI Lottery is the Wheel of WOW. The main difference is that you don’t have to wait for the end of shift to spin the wheel. When you get the entry you can just go up to the wheel and spin it and claim your reward. This way everyone gets to know that objectives are being met and gives an extra boost to the team efforts.

The claiming of the prizes at the end of shift is a new opportunity to reward the team and have a relaxing and decompressing moment. Also serves as a motivation to the next shit that might be starting.

Lucky Seat

Before every shift place a hidden envelope or code in some lucky workstations. Do take in to account the equipment state if it’s a callcenter, since people tend to avoid the faulty headphones, the faulty mic’s or even the loose chairs. The workstations tend to be selected when you already know the equipment you will be using.
So, mix things up, inbetweenshifts move the chairs around, change the headsets, place some prize codes or envelopes in the least expected places.
Then at a given time ask people to look for them or to show them so that you can reward the winners at the end of shift.

This can lighten the mood and increase holiday happiness.