Fatigue management is usually associated with workers, and with workers in extended- and 24-hour operations. However this is not true of all, and increasingly we see the fatigue affecting managers, executives and even members of the company board. This occurs due to some factors such as the pressure due to economic reasons, or due to busy schedules.

Some examples of this are documented in an article from The Wall Street Journal written by Leslie Kwoh, as the case of Lloyds Banking Group PLC chief António Horta-Osório.
In late 2011, Lloyds Banking Group PLC chief António Horta-Osório took a two-month leave of absence after less than a year on the job. People familiar with the matter at the time said it was due to "extreme fatigue," and added that Mr. Horta-Osório, normally a high-energy presence, had grown so exhausted from the round-the-clock nature of the job that his doctors instructed him to take a break.

fatigue in the management team

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