How fast can I type on my computer? Or what is my accuracy pointing to the screen?
and most important....why should I care about that?

This is the main goal of Human-Computer interaction (HCI): to improve the interaction between users and computers by making computer interaction mechanisms adapt to the users and the tasks instead of the other way around. Over the long-term, HCI aims to design systems that minimize the barrier between an human's cognitive model of what he/she wants to accomplish and the computer's understanding of the user's task, as well as helping solve real problems like mental fatigue.

Performetric system uses HCI to detect mental fatigue. From your interactions with the mouse or touchpad, it is possible to extract your accuracy, speed of movement or the coordination between eye-hand among other metrics. On the other hand, keyboard is also an excellent source of information, the way you type and use your keyboard is unique, key down time, time between keys or errors per key can be easily correlated with your level of mental fatigue.

If you are curious about how to interact with your computer and how it is a mirror of your mental state, give Performetric a try and let us know how it goes!