A new year has come and with it new trends and concepts emerge that apply to HR, some have already been applied and should be strengthened this year, others are completely new.

This year the focus will be on the application of technology, artificial intelligence in the area of HR facilitating and streamlining processes at recruitment level.

We will describe throughout this article the main HR trends for 2019, identified by experts in the field. However, it is necessary to be aware that some of them do not suit all types of companies.

1.Process automatization

In recent years technology has been a great ally of Human Resources. One of the hurdles of 2019 is the use of technology to automate.In this sense, it can be pointed out numerous procedures that can be automated in the Human Resources sector. You can use the automation process, for example, by making a continuous assessment of the collaborators and using the historical data for more complete feedback. It is very important that leaders have this knowledge, as it will be useful in designing the future paths of the institution.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

Currently recruitment processes involve a 100% human analysis, however the tendency is increasingly focused on the use of artificial intelligence to streamline more and more the process. The use of AI software’s gives the possibility of extracting more information about the candidates. Artificial Intelligence can also be useful in the process of capturing new talents, aiding through tools that use this same knowledge to store large amounts of resumes, giving rise to a very valuable database with actionable insights from it. Such insights will help, HR departments do more informed business decisions, in less time, transforming the recruitment process in an easy, quick and informed process, when targeting and finding the best candidate match to the right opportunity.
2019 will see more HR departments relying on recruiting technology for optimization and targeting.

3.Flexibility of location and working hours

The idea of having a fixed place and time to work is already considered an idea of the past. In this sense, the adoption of an idea of flexibility is another of the trends of HR 2019. Emerging with a great partner of HR for the companies thus giving a better quality of life to the employee.

4. Horizontal Management

Going against cast-iron hierarchies, horizontal management emerges as a bold way of leading companies. The big companies of the last years and the startups have been based on this concept, which explains much of its success.
Instead of centralizing power in a few people, the idea of this management model is to distribute the responsibility between each team, so that there is autonomy and self-management by the employees. With this, you gain more agility in decision making, and the level of commitment increase.

Keep in mind: Good human resource management is one of the fundamental pillars of a company's success.