Are you a decision maker, responsible for the well-being of your team, or simply concerned about your colleagues? If so, this is for you!

Management is one of the most challenging tasks in an organization, especially when it requires gathering contextualized information, or when there are different sources of information to consider, making it difficult to select the appropriate and relevant ones. For this reason, at Performetric we implemented a set of notifications for the company and team admin, providing notifications in real-time concerning:

  • signs of burnout inside the company;
  • users with extreme levels of fatigue (level 6 or 7):
  • teams reaching high levels of fatigue (by percentage).

These notifications can be received by email or can be integrated with your slack account and other means of communication in the near future.

How can you configure your notifications? Just go Customizations and define your settings

And how do you integrate with slack? Learn more about our Slack integration here.