As announced, Performetric is now available to all TalkDesk users through AppConnect. With just one click, it is possible to have access to our mental fatigue management system. In the call center industry, this can be a game changer in workforce management since this is one of the most exhausting and stressful environments there is.

Zenconnect, an SME with 30 employees that provide solutions focusing on Cloud Technologies is a good example of how simple is setup Performetric through AppConnect, and how it is possible to bring fatigue management and workforce management without significant complexity.

"Thanks to Performetric, we can put in place action plans with the data retrieved in order to limit the fatigue of our employees at the Call Center.

Performetric is a true quoditien assistant in order to provide a healthy work environment for our employees. The tool is not intrusive on a daily basis and all the data we have are the same as those displayed for our employees. No hidden information. The setting up was quick and simple, less than 15 minutes. The longest is the feedback of the information to the first installation the time that the tool with its algorithm understands the functioning of the collaborator.” - Yohann Lecornet, CTO

Average value of waiting time decreased with reduced of mental fatigue

Zenconnect now has the ability to manage fatigue, as well as to improve the management of the workforce with this extra information, which supports a management focused on the wellness of their team.

In addition, through the Performetric reporting system, they can anticipate possible problems, as well as make real-time optimizations.

The information presented is a result of the integration of the Performetric system with TalkDesk and managed by the Zenconnect team.