The explosive growth of esports has led to rapid development in all areas of the industry, from improvements in broadcasting technology and increasingly impressive live event presentations to innovative ways of monetizing the esports audience to advanced game analytics that enhance professional teams’ match preparation. With ever-increasing prize pools on the line and skyrocketing team valuations, it has never been more important for esports organizations to protect and grow their investment by managing the wellbeing and training efficiency of their most valuable resource: their athletes.

Recognizing the importance of player management, Performetric partnered with Shadow, the industry-defining esports analytics platform relied on by the world’s best professional esports teams, as well as FlyQuest, a professional esports organization that participates in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, to conduct a pilot project. The goal of the partnership was to test and study the application of Performetric’s fatigue measurement technology within professional esports.

The study attempted to answer the following questions:

  • Can we measure an esports athlete’s current “fitness level,” meaning their alertness and physical condition as it relates to their ability to play League of Legends at peak performance, using the mouse and keyboard?
  • Based on what we detect, can we recommend useful actions for players and coaches to improve their performance and the effectiveness of their practice time?

For the full results, request the whitepaper.

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