During the summer you get the chance to talk to a lot more people and catch-up on the trivia. One subject that came up this week was “Mondays”.

Some people loathe, others love them.

On the first category in the small sample that we surveyed were mainly young and single or single”ish”. This group attributed their mental fatigue to their job, call center and telemarketing (most of the ones we talked to) related that their job was stressing and consumed all their energy leaving them tired during the week. Something that suddenly was gone by Friday… and Saturday only to come back by the end of Sunday with the dark shadow of Monday approaching and all the reminders of tasks that needed preparing.

Monday at work

On the other hand, we found that married people with small children kind of loved Mondays. This was a feeling more present in men than women. They found life in the house with full-time interaction with the children was especially draining, stressing and showed symptoms of mental fatigue. So strong was this feeling that one person actually claimed to look forward to Mondays since live in the workplace was quite stress-free by comparison.
On women, this feeling wasn’t as strong and the reasons exposed aware of missing the kids or the family life and the fact that all this work added to the daily chores that create emotional stress leading to a higher vulnerability for mental fatigue.

Even though this has no statistical value and reflects the chat amongst a bunch of people wearing flip-flops bathing suits (some with chocolate and yogurt with the complements of their toddlers) it goes to show how Mondays are loved and hated and how the workplace can be a safe haven where to get some quiet time by comparison.
It also highlighted how it still falls to women the mental stress of organizing house chores and kids tasks. They are shared, most of the times, in operational terms but the planning and remembering still sits with them creating mental pressure that can make them more vulnerable to mental fatigue from workplace stress.