People Analytics a sophisticated analyses of big data together with Real-Time monitoring systems is like an omnipresent science that can be a predictive tool to predict and prevent staff behavior, helping to recognize when is time to take a break and avoiding Mental Fatigue, burnout, and other overwork associated problems.

“Predictive analytics transcends human perception (...)” (Siegel)

The reality in Human Resources management is being rethought. Why? Because Companies want to be able to “Describe ('What happened?'), Diagnostic ('Why did it happen?'), Predict ('What will happen?') or Prescript ('What should happen?')”. Something like an “intelligent platform”, that has the ability to be an omnipresent science that scientifically follows in Real-Time all that is happening in every part of a business operation.

A big amounts of data is needed to be generated in Real-Time to accomplish these expectations, and that leads to the use (and abuse) of analytical tools to have the power to predict whether someone is going to “click, buy, lie, or die” (Siegel) in almost every part of a workflow.

Siegel defended that “The process of machines learning from data unleashes the power of this exploding resource. It uncovers what drives people and the actions they take—what makes us tick and how the world works. With the new knowledge gained, prediction is possible.

People Analytics
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“With this power at hand, what do we want to predict? Every important thing a person does is valuable to predict, namely: consume, think, work, quit, vote, love, procreate, divorce, mess up, lie, cheat, steal, kill, and die.”

Predicting human behavior, by analyzing accumulated data wasn’t so interested until now. It's a “gold mine”!

“Although largely unseen, it drives millions of decisions, determining who to call, mail, investigate, incarcerate, set up on a date, or medicate” and is an extraordinary experience from which to learn.

It can predict patterns of fraud, show trust networks, show Real-Time correlations between coaching and engagement, and even analyze employee patterns for time management, hourly labor and immediately identify patterns of overtime, AI software can now analyze video interviews assess candidate honesty and personality, etc.

Recruiting remains the top priority, followed by performance measurement, compensation, workforce planning, and retention, but moving beyond the analysis of employee engagement and retention, analytics and AI have come together, giving companies a much more detailed view of management and operational issues to improve operational performance.

This is also Performetric's line of action, providing Real-Time dashboards with actionable data that is easy to analyze by team leaders and managers without a high level of data analysis training to access the level of mental fatigue and predict/prevent a person from burnout, stress, using machine learning to detect these behaviors.

Siegel defends that “ predictive analytics is the science that unleashes the power of data (…) and data is always predictive.”

Keep in mind: With power comes inseparable responsibility.