Performetric is proud to announce availability as one of Talkdesk’s launch partners for AppConnect, the first enterprise app store. Talkdesk, the world’s leading cloud-based contact center software announced AppConnect today at Opentalk, their annual thought leadership event in San Francisco.

AppConnect is now available for all Talkdesk customers, with an initial offering of more than a dozen apps, including Performetric, a workforce management solution that provides a real-time, adaptive system that monitors and manages mental fatigue in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way. Starting today, Talkdesk admins can integrate Performetric’s capabilities to their contact center with just a single click. Like all AppConnect tools, Performetric is available as a free trial with a pay-as-you-go system in place after the trial.

Data obtained for Performetric’s application in the contact center space has demonstrated that an increase in employee mental fatigue correlates with a meaningful decrease in the level of service and the contact center’s KPIs. TalkDesk admins can now install, with a single click, a system that helps to better manage service level and to improve industry practices in managing mental fatigue. Performetric makes mental fatigue an actionable variable to today’s contact center management, with a measurable impact in the bottom line.

“Mental fatigue in the work environment has a detrimental impact in our individual productivity and in the quality of our work. At Performetric, we offer a tool for the workforce manager to turn mental fatigue into an actionable variable to improve quality while also caring for the workforce’s engagement and retention. We believe Performetric delivers a unique revolution in the contact center industry, and this partnership with Talkdesk, a leading innovative company in this space, is a very important step for us. Talkdesk is a fantastic company that is doing a remarkable and revolutionary work in the call center industry, so this partnership for us makes perfect sense.” - André Pimenta, CEO at Performetric

“Talkdesk is thrilled to offer customers a new contact center experience that incorporates cutting-edge technology from Performetric. We recognize them as a true innovator and are looking forward to building something great together.” - Robert Sur, Head of Platform at Talkdesk

About Performetric

Performetric is a real-time monitoring system that allows the management of mental fatigue in a non-invasive way that aims to develop work context-aware environments that may improve quality of life, wellness, mental health and individual performance. Moreover, it also supports better management of the employees mental fatigue and their work time. This translates into a positive impact in the organization’s productivity and an increased quality of life and better health of the employees. For more information, visit

About Talkdesk:

Talkdesk is next-generation cloud-based contact center software that helps you deliver delightful customer service. The intuitive browser-based interface offers robust functionality with advanced features, comprehensive reporting and seamless integrations with 25+ business tools to empower agents to have personalized, effective conversations with customers.

In April of 2017, Talkdesk launched AppConnect, the first enterprise app store, expanding their contact center functionality to include integrations with new partners. These one-click integrations all offer free trial versions for interested customers and can be managed on a pay-as-you-go plan after the trial. For more information, visit