Since the Kick Off the Startup Braga, three months ago, we have been living a real adventure. Three months of hard work, emotions and above all a lot of learning. Yes, because we are always learning, not only with our own mistakes, but also with the help of amazing people with great experience, who we have been meeting with in the last few months.


We can only thank the entire team of Startup Braga, because without them we had not reached the position we are in. We also thank our mentor Gonçalo, which helped us from day one. It is a big "thank you" to everyone that somehow helped and continue to help this fantastic experience.

It was very rewarding to have been one of the winners of the Road Show to USA. It will be a great experience, surely.

And now?

Now there is a huge amount of work still to be done, therefore in the following weeks we will release the final application for Mac OSX and Windows.
So stay tuned, and please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions and listen to you.

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