We have the knowledge and the best software in the market to detect and analyze mental fatigue in companies.

In this post I will detail how, through Performetric and with the data visible on our Web App, mental fatigue and stress in work can be managed in the best way. With this solution, employees will better manage their own work cycles, making fewer mistakes and taking breaks when they need them, therefore being more productive. This will, consequently, impact the productivity of the entire company.

The Scale of Mental Fatigue

First of all you need to know the scale of fatigue used by Performetric, to understand how the analysis of mental fatigue takes place.

This is our scale, organized in seven levels of mental fatigue. With this in mind, it is possible to start picturing the kind of data that we can see in of our platform.

The App

The product that we offer to companies is divided into two main parts. The first is the application running in the computers of the company's employees. This application detects, in real-time, when employees are fatigued and also provides an individual analysis for each user of their fatigue levels in different periods of time. The user can thus determine the periods of the day or the types of task that tend to cause increased signs of fatigue.

In the above example, the data of the user shows an increase in the level of fatigue in the last hour, pointing out a potentially suitable moment for a break. This is the kind of informed decision that each individual worker can make in order to manage individual work cycles. The apps running on the employees' computers also provide this data to our Web App, which constitutes the second part of our product.

The WebApp

In the Web App for business, the company can analyze and manage their employees' fatigue and productivity. The Web App can be used in three different ways: using the Company's account, as a Team Manager or as an individual enterprise User.


The images bellow show our Home Page. Here, the manager can see the overall status of the company regarding fatigue levels, fatigue alerts (number of fatigue warnings shown by the application to each employee) and rest times (rest after of employees after fatigue warnings).

This specific company is in good shape: they started to use Performetric a long time ago and they feel fresh! Through this interface it is easy to quickly analyze if in the last hour, day, week or month the team is feeling more or less tired.

With our HeatMaps by Week feature, the manager can see the moments when the workforce felt more fatigued, thus identifying the more problematic hours and days. If needed, more in-depth analyses can also be performed. Namely, it is possible to analyze the company's overall fatigue levels by hour, day, week and month.

It is possible to compare different teams in the company, in specific ranges of time or according to the task that they are doing (e.g programming, drawing, writing). It is also often useful to determine which teams are overloaded with work and which show more readiness to go the extra-mile. Our Web App also has charts to perform this kind of analysis.

We also send weekly/monthly email reports with highlights about the latest company or team performance indicators. This is just a quick overview of what our platform can provide to companies. The key aspects are the deep analysis of the mental fatigue of employees and the data analysis that allows the company to improve performance and employee productivity. The image bellow shows a team manager using our Web App.
alt Do you own or manage a company and feel the need to better manage fatigue and performance in your workforce?

Join us, you will be ready to go in no time. Register on our platform, add a few users, and you can start analyzing the impact of fatigue in your business and learn how you can reduce it. Click on the image below!