The feeling of mental fatigue is in today's society referenced by the active working class as something that is present in their day to day.
Most of these same individuals indicate 3 main causes for mental fatigue to happen:

1) the imbalance between personal and professional life;

2) the mastery of technology and the additional fatigue that comes there;

3) and another of the ingredients that joins this set of factors is related to a disability on the part of the leader to detect the existence of stress and mental fatigue and not possessed the tools nor knowledge that help to fight these same symptoms.

The states of fatigue can be categorized and adjectivated as the consequences that comes from these same levels of fatigue:

Performetric application was born of the latent need for an application that could assist leaders and their employees in managing mental fatigue levels. Offering a fatigue monitoring solution that detects the level of weariness of your user in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way:

• Detects fatigue in real-time;

• Provides feedback at the right-time;

• Does not require additional equipment;

• Avoids subjective biases;

• Quietly runs in the background;

Performetric monitors and detects in real time the level of fatigue in your workplace. Contributing to a higher productivity of employees and cost reduction.

Monday at work

Through the monitoring of mental effort, the same can be monetized in order to create value in less time, how? By playing with the employees higher productive hours and their level of fatigue to better organize and manage the tasks that need to be done. It also a Win-win situation, not only the employer can monetize and have a better return and higher levels of productivity, but also the employees have a better balance between work and personal life.
The long-term use of this tool brings significant benefits and data, regarding to:

1) team performance;

2) work shift analysis;

3) performance improvement;

4) identifying the most productivity hours and;

5) preventing the burnout;

Performetric application offers to its users a personalized monitoring of their mental health (after 1 week, for profile creation):

  • Real-time notifications about mental-fatigue;

  • Can be personalized;

  • Different interactions by level of fatigue;

  • Detailed data about user behaviours;

  • Personal achievements to promote positive behaviours;

  • The user can choose to share information individually or on aggregate for management;

In addition to being customized, the application is easy to install and only needs to follow 3 steps:

1. Account details setup;

2. Users invitation/teams setup by e-mail address;

3. Install a desktop app in each agent/user (one-click-install);

(No need for admin permissions to install).

Performetric's application is thus a great ally for companies in terms of empowering the employees through an monitorization and correct management of their mental effort making them more productive and happy in their workplace.