Until recently, the majority of job offers consisted, essentially, in physical activities. However, this paradigm has changed and, in a few decades, a significant part of this offer became mostly mental and cognitive. With this shift in the paradigm, mental fatigue became one of the most concerning health issues currently affecting society. This is aggravated by the growing competition and precariousness in the workplace, the overload of information as well as the general increase of the pressure felt by employees.

These factors inspired and motivated the development of the Performetric project. This project builds on the fact that computers are used on many of today’s workplaces to propose a non-invasive and non-intrusive system for the detection and monitoring of mental fatigue. It relies on the analysis of the users’ interaction patterns with the computer, as well as Artificial Intelligence techniques, to identify behavioral changes potentially related to fatigue or stress.

Performetric aims to support context-aware leisure and work environments, that can improve both the quality of life and the performance of its users. In the organizational context, Performetric has as main aim to improve the performance of employees as well as to increase the availability and applicability of fatigue management initiatives, contributing towards more friendly and efficient workplaces. Moreover, it also aims to support a better management of the employees and their work time. This translates into a positive impact in the organization’s productivity and an increased quality of life and better health of the employees. The project thus results especially appealing for companies in which groups of people work together in a same environment, while using a computer.

The field addressed is undoubtedly a challenging one, given that the symptoms of fatigue are generally subjective, felt in an unconscious way or even ignored by employees, being seen as another normal consequence of our current lifestyle. We could address the problem in a more precise way, namely through the use of physiological sensors. However, this would make the system more invasive, expensive and complex. The proposed approach does not have these disadvantages. On the other hand, it is only suitable for workplaces in which computers are frequently or continuously used.

After several research studies and tests carried out, properly validated by the scientific community, Performetric is currently in an advanced prototype stage.

Stay tuned. We will have news soon :)
Performetric Team