Are you a YouTuber and/or Twitch Streamer? Do you know any YouTuber and/or Twitch Streamer? So please keep on reading.

Every May Twitch has asked its streamers to help raise awareness for Mental Health (Month) #MentalHealthMonth, but today we are asking for anyone that accidentally or not reads this article to share it with at least one person that Perfometric has a tool that can help in real-time to prevent Mental Illness such as mental fatigue and burnout.

In order to stay relevant, many Streamers push themselves to the limit, similar to industries where stars feel like they have to be on top of their game all the time to entertain, even when they no longer enjoy it - “trying to produce daily content while also balancing anxiety and depression was difficult”.

“Stepping away is a recovery skill that public personas need to learn to equip in their career.” - Katrina Gay National Alliance on Mental Illness

The advice is “Stay balanced”… learning that you can’t allocate yourself in just one particular area in life... learning to allocate effort in other areas and to maximize your time in each field.

But doing this management in real-time, is hard to do it by yourself (specialy when you are in front of a screen all day), knowing this, Performetric developed an application that can help Streamers (or any kind of content producers that use the computer as a mean to produce), in real-time to alert you when it is time to take a break (well we can’t grab you and put you outside doing some exercise) so we do it in a non-invasive way, through notifications/alerts that are sent when our application “understands” that you are getting tired, how? (No we do not send any text message to your mother or to your wife, and no we do not watch you through or camera, instead we use artificial intelligence to learn you patterns (rhythm of typing, rhythm of clicking in your mouse) and through that our application can know when you really need to take a break to avoid the chaos!

So do not underestimate Performetric’s application, because, it has been created to help one person at a time, but one person at a time we can help a lot of people!

If you’re comfortable doing so, spend some time on stream or in chat with your community talking about mental health, the importance of a balanced life, and how Performetric can be part of the solution. Even just starting the conversation can be the first step for someone who needs to seek help, avoiding mental health injuries or to be assisted by someone else if the case is far from being good.

As nonsense as it can seem, staying balanced will help you to increase your productivity:
1) not just because Performetric application can help you to find when it’s a more productive time for you, and when it's useless to waste your time trying to get something done;
2) but also because creativity gets better when you mix areas, and once you find balance in your life you find other sources of inspiration that help you stay relevant.

“Use me, but you have to understand that I cannot fix you, I can't. You have to fix yourselves . . . but the endgame needs to be that you work on yourselves otherwise you won't ultimately be happy." - Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja