Real-Time Mental Fatigue Management System for eSports

Start managing fatigue to avoid negative impact on performance and improve your results and skills.


Mental Fatigue Detection

Through real-time fatigue detection, it is possible to anticipate performance drops, and decide on the best moments to play, the best strategies or even the right time to take a break and rest.

Skills Analysis

By analyzing how the player interacts with the computer, it is possible to create a user profile based on the player interaction patterns and to analyze gaming skills.

Advanced Analytics

By analyzing data from different players and teams at different times, it is possible to identify behaviors and the impact on game performance, strengths and weaknesses or even prepare the training and analyze the results.

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Every individual, from e-gammers to professional athletes, dedicate innumerable hours practicing their skills or team performance with their teammates, devoting every waking moment to making themselves better at their prospective aspirations. With Performetric it is possible to do it in a smart way, with real-time feedback.

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