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Manage your call center workforce more effectively and deliver better results



Get alerts in real time about the levels of mental fatigue of your workforce, to support your management decisions in real-time, such as managing breaks and shifts more efficiently.

Data analysis

Performetric allows to correlate productivity and performance metrics with mental fatigue, improving workforce management and revealing hidden patterns.

No extra sensors

Performetric is plug and play, it does not require the use of sensors or other hardware to measure the level or mental fatigue. It also adapts to different types of user over time.

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Free 30 Day Trial

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and explore Performetric at its full potential. You'll have access to all the features and will be able to effectively reduce the mental fatigue of your workforce.


How do call centers benefit

Increase productivity

Measuring mental fatigue in your team will allow you to manage pauses and shifts effectively which translates into increased performance and better results.

Improve well-being

Early detection of fatigue, exhaustion or burnout will improve your team's well-being, as well as motivation, communication and cooperation between managers and coworkers.

Reduce Costs

Absenteeism, errors and bad decisions caused by fatigue will decrease, which will have a positive effect on the organization's operating costs.

Empower your agents

Managing your team's fatigue allows your agents to feel more confident and more apt to solve problems.

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